Teaching Philosophy and Experience

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” —John Dewey, Education and Experience, 239

My central aims as an instructor are (i) to inspire students to see the beauty and power of philosophical thought as it bears on their lives, (ii) to nurture students’ belief in their ability to succeed at philosophy, and (iii) to cultivate students’ abilities to read, write, and think lucidly and logically about arguments. To achieve these aims, I use active learning and other techniques supported by evidence-based pedagogy to foster engagement and retention, and frequent formative assessments to gauge student understanding and adapt my pedagogy to student needs.

Teaching Experience

    • Spring 2019 ● Game Theory in Political Science, teaching assistant, UCI
    • Winter 2017 ● Macro Economics III, teaching assistant, UCI
    • Winter 2017 ● Bayesian Epistemology, guest lecturer, UCI
    • Fall 2017 ● Probability & Statistics II, teaching assistant, UCI
    • Winter 2017 ● Game Theory, teaching assistant, UCI
    • Spring 2016 ● Inductive Logic, teaching assistant, UCI
    • Winter 2016 ● Philosophy of Biology, teaching assistant, UCI
    • Summer 2015 ● Introduction to Logic, grader, CMU
    • Summer 2011 ● Advanced New Media Technology, instructor, MCAD
    • Summer 2010 ● Web Design, instructor, MCAD