“The line, in actual construction, must come first; but as mental construction must precede physical, so the concept of mass must come first, that of plane second, that of line last.”
—George Bridgman, Constructive Anatomy, ix

For nearly as long as I’ve been able to put pen to paper, I’ve found joy and comfort in drawing. Over the years I’ve dabbled with a variety of mediums from oil painting to typography. Right now, however, my main form of art-making is that of sketching portraits.

I am indebted to Uncle Navid for his early and abiding encouragement and being the best drawing companion I could have hoped for, to George Bridgman for his beautiful book, “Constructive Anatomy” (1920), which first inspired my interest in the study of the human form, and to my models for their generosity and patience in providing me with sittings. They have each helped me to see the world more beautifully.