Here are some videos of my talks, along with lists of past and upcoming peer-reviewed and invited presentations.

Talking about ‘Modeling Interventions in the Replication Crisis’ at The Pittsburgh Center for the Philosophy of Science.

RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS († ≡ invited; ‡ ≡ commenter)

  • “Why the Social Sciences are Hard”
    Formal and Experimental Philosophy Workshop · Pittsburgh 2023
    CLMPST: Science and Values in an Uncertain World · Buenos Aires 2023

  • “HARKing: from Misunderstanding to Misprescription”
    †Scientific Progress: Individual and Collective · Amsterdam 2022
    Society for Philosophy and Psychology Annual Meeting · Virtual 2021
    †Center for Philosophy of Science, Lunch Time Talk · Pittsburgh 2021
    ANPOSS/ENPOSS/POSS-RT Joint Conference · Tokyo 2021

  • “Intervention and Backfire in the Replication Crisis”
    Philosophy of Science Association Biennial · Baltimore 2021
    Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice Biennial · Lansing 2020
    †Public Choice Society Annual Meeting · Newport Beach 2020
    Philosophy of Social Science Round Table · Atlanta 2020
    12th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg/Turin (MuST) Conference in Philosophy of Science · Munich 2019

  • “On the Emergence of Minority Disadvantage”
    †APA: Central Division Meeting · Denver 2019
    APA: Pacific Division Meeting · Vancouver 2019
    Agent-Based Models in Philosophy Conference · Bochum 2019
    †Philosophy, Politics & Economics Society Meeting · New Orleans 2019

  • “Truth and Conformity on Networks”
    Philosophy of Science Association Biennial · Seattle 2018
    Computational Modeling in Philosophy Conference · Munich 2018
    †Formal Social Epistemology Workshop · Irvine 2018

  • “Stochastic Stability and Disagreements Between Dynamics”
    Generalized Theory of Evolution Conference · Dusseld¨orf 2018
    Infinite Idealizations in Science Conference · Munich 2017

  • “Limitations of Equilibrium Concepts in Evolutionary Games”
    International Society for History, Philosophy & Social Studies of Biology Biennial Meeting · Montreal 2015
    Decisions, Games and Logic Conference · London 2015