Open-source code of some of my computational models
GitHub (Version control repository)

Computational & simulation tools
R (Open source language for statistical computing)
R Studio (Open source client for R)
Shiny (Web application framework for R)
NetLogo (Programming environment for agent-based modeling)
RNetLogo (R Package to interface with NetLogo)
oTree (Python-based platform for designing experiments for Amazon Turk)
Dynamo (Mathematica notebooks for generating phase diagrams, courtesy of William Sandholm)
Evoludo (A series of interactive tutorials for evolutionary games, inspired by Karl Sigmund)
Birds Game Theory Simulator (Courtesy of Jörgen Weibull and Kristaps Dzonsons)
Gambit (Software tools for game theory, courtesy of Theodore Turocy, et al)
Evolution & Games (More tutorials for evolutionary games, mantained by Julian Garcia and Matthijs van Veelen).

Coding support & collaboration tools
Code Academy (Learn to code)
StackOverflow (Get help from & engage with a community of coders)
GitHub (Collaborate on shared projects)